Birgit Bellstedt (B.Mus Ed) - Piano Teacher in the Hills

"Mrs Bellstedt has enriched my knowledge of music. She provides helpful suggestions to make my pieces sound more interesting. She is always enthusiastic and encouraging and I love playing piano with her. My lessons are fun and Mrs Bellstedt and I are always surprised when the end of the lesson comes. Mrs Bellstedt helps me to reach my full potential."                      Chelsea  (Piano Grade 5)

"Mrs Bellstedt has been my piano teacher for four years now and I have always thoroughly enjoyed my lessons.  She has helped me to break down complicated pieces and work through difficult sections with encouragement and enthusiasm.  I feel like I have constantly improved and love the way the pieces sound when I play them well.  The highlight has always been the concert with the great themes where we get to play in front of our families!"
                                                Kate  (Piano Grade 1)  

"Mrs Bellstedt has been teaching me piano for four years.  When I first started lessons, I didn’t know how to play the piano, so Mrs Bellstedt has been very patient and encouraging, teaching me the things that I need to know to learn the piano.I look forward to my lessons every week and Mrs Bellstedt is always helping me to improve my pieces."                   Lauren  (Piano Grade 2)

"I first met Mrs Bellstedt when she was my accompanist for my grade 1 flute exam. She made such an impression on both my mum and I that a couple of years later when I needed a new piano and flute teacher my obvious choice was her. For the past three years I’ve been taught by her. She has got me through three piano exams, one flute exam and 2 theory exams in the last two years. She is fun and lively and she makes learning instruments a pleasure. This is evident in her themed concerts at the end of each year. She brings out the best in every student that she has. Her love for music, her commitment and her warm personality makes her the best music teacher ever!!!"                   Pravin  (Piano and Flute Grade 5)   
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