Birgit Bellstedt (B.Mus Ed) - Piano Teacher in the Hills

  Terms & Conditions 

 · The rate for a 30 minute piano lesson is $40.00 payable by the term. A 45min lesson = $55.00 and a 60min lesson = $70

 · Fees are payable in advance during the first 2 weeks of the term. (You will receive an invoice) 

 · There will be no tuition during school or public holidays and you will not be charged for these. 

 · Missed lessons cannot be made up or credited. The only exception is in case of illness in which case the lesson can be made up on one allocated day in the subsequent school holidays. 

 · Music books, theory books etc. are to be supplied by you. You will also be held responsible for any books/music lent to your child.

 ·  Lessons will begin punctually at the given time – arriving late will shorten the lesson duration. 

 · No money will be refunded if you go on holiday or if your child does not wish to continue with tuition. 

 · Participation at the annual concert in October is strongly recommended. 

 · Extra lessons at my request (eg. preparation for exams/concert) must be paid for.

 · I reserve the right to terminate lessons if the student does not show sufficient progress or commitment.

Parents please note: Learning an instrument is a very refined, difficult and complicated art that requires an incredible amount of commitment and discipline from both the students and their parents. Students should practise regularly – ideally every day, but a minimum of at least :
 3 times 20 minutes a week for beginners and
 4 times 30-40 minutes for  more advanced students.
A parent should monitor these practice sessions and help their child to achieve the goals as described in the homework books. The process of mastering an instrument for a child is a 3-way partnership between the student, the teacher and the parents and all three need to make an equal commitment to ensure success and enjoyment.

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